Philippines: Typhoon-stricken areas go hungry

World Vision is distributing food and water to children and families impacted by this devastating storm.

By James Addis, World Vision U.S.; with reporting by Crislyn Felisilda, Shirley Kimmayong, and Mary Ann Zamora, World Vision Philippines.
Published December 11, 2012 at 12:00am PST

Days after Typhoon Bopha brought death and destruction to the southern Philippines, families are begging for food and water.

World Vision is responding to the needs of storm survivors.

Rampant hunger in devastated region

Typhoon Bopha struck the Philippines on December 4, bringing torrential rains and winds in excess of 100 mph. The storm has caused extensive flooding and landslides and killed hundreds of people.

In New Bataan, Compostela Valley, one of the hardest-hit areas, survivors are holding up signs on the roadsides seeking help.

“We need food, water, and clothing. Have pity on us,” read one sign held by a group of teens.

Seven-year-old Erwin says people in his village have kept hunger at bay by eating fallen coconuts. He says it’s impossible to cook food because the wood to make a fire is wet.

‘The flood took away everything’

When a truck arrives to distribute food, hungry survivors, including children, have been trampled in the scramble to get something to eat.

Most farms and crops, the main source of livelihood in Compostela Valley, were destroyed in the typhoon.

“The flood took away everything. It’s our first time to experience a horrible disaster like this,” says a village leader in New Bataan.

“We lost our loved ones, homes, and livelihoods. We don’t know where to start.”

World Vision’s response

World Vision is distributing food and water to those in need, and has reached almost 1,000 families in New Bataan. The food aid consists of rice, canned goods, sugar, biscuits, cooking oil, and dried fish.

Also, as part of our response plan (infographic), survivors are receiving sleeping mats, blankets, and mosquito nets.

“Your presence and support give us extra encouragement to move forward. We don’t know you that much, but we know God used you to help our people,” says Dionisio, a village leader in Bantacan, New Bataan.

World Vision plans to provide aid to an additional 8,000 families in Compostela Valley and Agusan del Sur on the island of Mindanao.

We are also helping families find shelter and restore livelihoods, while serving local families through Child-Friendly Spaces. The spaces provide fun activities, informal education, and counseling so that children can recover from their distressing experiences.

Two ways you can help

Pray for children and families affected by Typhoon Bopha. Pray for relief workers seeking to help the storm survivors.

Make a one-time donation to our Disaster Response Fund. Your gift will help us rush emergency supplies like life-saving food, clean water, medical supplies, and shelter to survivors of Typhoon Bopha.