India: Heavy rain slows emergency aid to flood survivors

World Vision is distributing shelter materials, kitchen utensils, mosquito nets, and bedding.

By James Addis, World Vision U.S.
Published July 18, 2012 at 12:00am PDT

Continuing heavy rainfall in the remote northeastern state of Assam has slowed the recession of floodwaters and hampered the distribution of emergency aid.

Landslides, damaged roads slow aid response

In addition to continued flooding, relief teams must negotiate damaged roads and landslides to bring assistance to the worst affected.       

More than 615,000 acres of cropland have been submerged in water, causing heavy losses to farmers and sharp increases in food prices that prompt poor families to go hungry.  

World Vision responds

This week, World Vision distributed shelter materials, kitchen utensils, mosquito nets, bedding, and clothing in a second phase of relief.

Previous distributions saw the supply of emergency food aid to 1,000 families.

Kunal Shah, World Vision’s associate director of emergency affairs in India, says that with monsoon rains setting in, he expects relief operations to continue for the next three months.

World Vision distributed shelter materials, kitchen utensils, mosquito nets, and bedding. (Photo: Theodore Sam/World Vision)

In addition to the distribution of emergency supplies, World Vision is working with the local government and other humanitarian organizations to improve access to safe drinking water as well as assessing suitable sites to set up relief camps. 

Worst flooding in more than a decade

Officials describe the flooding as the worst in the state since 1998. It has killed more than 120 people and displaced 6 million others. 

The BBC reports that 14 endangered one-horned rhinos have been found dead in the state’s Kaziranga National Park.

How you can help

Pray for affected families. Pray for their safety and that they would receive the help they need.

Make a one-time donation to our Disaster Response Fund to help us respond quickly and effectively to life-threatening emergencies like the recent flooding in India. Your gift will help us deliver basics like food, clean water, medical care, temporary shelter, and more in the aftermath of major disasters.