World Vision responds to deadly Texas tornadoes

World Vision is deploying disaster relief supplies to families devastated by the severe storm outbreak in North Texas.

By Kathryn Reid, World Vision U.S.
Updated May 16, 2013 at 12:00am PDT

World Vision is rushing supplies to families affected by Wednesday’s deadly tornadoes in North Texas. Ten storms, which struck in succession overnight, destroyed hundreds of homes and killed at least six people.

‘This is our community’

World Vision is responding with a truckload of relief supplies that will be sent to the most vulnerable children and families in the hardest-hit areas. The relief supplies include emergency food kits, cleaning supplies, hygiene items, blankets, and tarps.

“We currently have teams assessing the area,” said Phyllis Freeman, World Vision’s director for domestic disaster response. “But we already know that children and families in the Rancho Bravos community will need support. Many had recently received homes through Habitat for Humanity, and now, they’ve lost everything.”

World Vision’s domestic disaster response warehouse is strategically located in the region to respond to emergencies like this.

“This is our community,” said Freeman. “We’re going to make sure that we take care of our neighbors.”

Bringing help to our American neighbors

Last year, World Vision’s U.S. disaster response team provided relief for more than 47,000 beneficiaries, including more than 30,000 children.

This year, World Vision continues to assist the most vulnerable affected by Superstorm Sandy last October in New York and New Jersey and has provided relief and rebuilding supplies to those affected by tornado damage in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

How you can help

Please pray for families impacted by the North Texas tornadoes, especially those who have lost loved ones or whose homes have been destroyed.

Make a one-time donation to our U.S. Disaster Response Fund. Your gift will help position us to respond quickly and effectively to disasters that occur right here in the United States, like the recent tornadoes in North Texas.