VIDEO: The three Ds of child labor

Dangerous, Dirty, Degrading: Some 115 million children work in “3-D” jobs, and the impact is devastating. Learn the facts and take action against child slavery.

Published June 17, 2013 at 12:00am PDT

What you can do

Learn more about our work to protect children from exploitation and how you can respond.

Pray for children in extreme poverty who are compelled to work in dangerous, dirty, and degrading conditions as a means of supporting their families’ income. Pray that their parents and caretakers would acquire safe work that would in turn allow children to attend school and experience childhood in all its fullness.

Contact your members of Congress today. Ask them to support strong funding to fight modern-day slavery through the Trafficking Victims Protection Act. We’re not asking for more money; we’re just seeking to ensure that anti-trafficking initiatives are not cut.

Make a one-time donation to World Vision’s Children in Crisis Fund — or give monthly to provide support for exploited children. Your contribution will help us bring critical assistance to children who have lived through nightmares, using interventions like trauma counseling, medical care, nutritious food, safe shelter, education, vocational training, and more.