Video: Getting clean water for the first time

Meet Violet and other children from Zambia as they tell their stories of hardship from dirty water. A World Vision Water project here aims to reach 40,000 children like them with access to clean water that will change their lives and help them pursue their dreams.

By Greg Allgood, World Vision Water
Published June 3, 2014 at 11:45am PDT

This video has already received more views than any other in our history — more than 855,000 between Vimeo and YouTube! It’s part of a new project that we’ve developed to follow the stories of children in Zambia as they receive clean water for the first time from World Vision Water.

Through the voices of these children, you’ll learn about some of the hardships they face — like being forced to walk long distances to collect dirty water and hence missing school; developing sores due to lack of hygiene; and suffering from diarrheal illnesses because of contaminants in the water they drink.

At the same time, these children share their dreams and aspirations to become teachers and doctors and give back to their villages.

We will reach 40,000 people in Zambia because of this project. In numerous villages, we will provide clean water and improved sanitation and hygiene to every man, woman, and child. And, through the website, you can follow our progress. You’ll be able to see how the lives of Violet and the other children are transformed by the life-saving gift of clean water.

The Zambia project is just beginning, but we’re off to an impressive start. Lives are being changed in Zambia — and among the people who are being touched by the stories. We believe that every child deserves clean water, and we’re thankful to everyone who shares this vision.

Learn more

  • Visit the World Vision Water website to learn more about the Zambia project, as well as World Vision’s global efforts to bring clean water and sanitation to children, families, and communities in need.