VIDEO: Desperate families flee Syria

In Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley, World Vision’s Patricia Mouamar meets a family of refugees who fled civil war in Syria. With no resources, they’re sleeping in rough conditions and seeking aid from an already-overburdened community.

Published September 3, 2013 at 07:45am PDT

Of the nearly 2 million Syrian refugees, more than a million are children, the United Nations says. The largest number of registered refugees — more than 680,000 — are in Lebanon, where there are no official refugee camps.

By the end of 2013, one in four people living in Lebanon will be a Syrian refugee.

So far, the global appeal to provide aid to the refugees in Lebanon is only 26 percent funded.

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Read our FAQs on the Syrian refugee crisis for an overview of the conflict and more about the refugee situation in Lebanon, including World Vision’s response.

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How you can help

Pray for children and families impacted by the violence in Syria. Pray especially for families who have been separated due to the conflict, and pray for emotional and physical protection for vulnerable children and families. Consider using our prayer points to help guide your prayers.

Make a one-time gift to help Syrian refugees in Lebanon. Your donation will help us provide basic hygiene kits and food vouchers for refugee families, as well as established Child-Friendly Spaces to provide affected children with a safe place to play, learn, and interact with their peers.