From Dr. Greg Allgood: Video - Bill and Chelsea Clinton on World Vision water programs

Watch this video, narrated by Chelsea Clinton and President Bill Clinton as they talk about their visits to World Vision water programs in Rwanda and Myanmar.

By Dr. Greg Allgood, Vice President, World Vision Water
Published January 30, 2014 at 10:00am PST

Recently, I was pleased to host Chelsea Clinton in a World Vision water program in Myanmar and both Chelsea and President Clinton in Rwanda. On both trips we had a chance to discuss the global clean drinking water crisis, and we've captured some of their comments about our work in this short video that they've agreed we can share with you.

I'm thankful to both of them and the work of the Clinton Global Initiative in bringing together partners to help address major global challenges, including the tragedy that unsafe water is killing 1,600 children every day. Because of their help and our many other partners, World Vision is currently reaching one new person with clean drinking water every 30 seconds.

The Clintons are helping us to shine a light on this work as together we strive to ensure sure that no child dies from something as simple as the lack of a glass of clean water.