“Girl Rising” highlights plight of girls in poverty

Airing on CNN on June 16, “Girl Rising” tells the stories of extraordinary girls and highlights the power of education to change the world.

By Holly Frew, World Vision U.S.
Published June 11, 2013 at 12:00am PDT

The documentary film Girl Rising, which tells the story of girls born into poverty and highlights the power of education to change their lives, will air on CNN this Sunday, June 16, at 9 p.m. ET/PT. 

The CNN version of the film will feature World Vision sponsored girl Azmera from Ethiopia.

A film that makes a difference

Narrated by celebrated actresses, such as Meryl Streep, Anne Hathaway, and Salma Hayek; directed by Academy Award nominee Richard E. Robbins; and co-produced by Paul G. Allen’s Vulcan Productions, Girl Rising uses the power of storytelling to deliver a single message: educating girls in developing countries will change the world.

Says Allen: “We believe in making films that make a difference, and we’re eager to see girls’ education gain momentum as a result of Girl Rising.”

For this international television debut, 10x10, the global action campaign behind film, is providing tools for viewers and advocates to join in promoting the film on social media and hosting viewing parties.

Spread the word and host a viewing party

Join us in telling others about the Girl Rising television debut on CNN. Use the social share kit created by 10x0 to spread the word. Pre-drafted posts for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are included, as well as amazing photos to post on Facebook.

Host a house party to watch Girl Rising. Register your support by signing up and 10x10 will post your party on their interactive map displaying every Girl Rising house party on the planet.

See Girl Rising in a theater near you

Request a Girl Rising screening on behalf of World Vision, or find out whether a screening of Girl Rising is taking place near you. Invite your friends to join you in viewing this powerful documentary.

How you can help

Pray for girls in developing countries who face unforgiving circumstances. Pray that they would find access to education and reach their God-given potential.

Make a one-time donation to our Strong Women, Strong World Fund. Your contribution will help protect girls and women and prevent the cycle of abuse, exploitation, and discrimination through interventions like vocational training, education, counseling, small business loans, and other programs that reach women and girls as well as boys — helping to end cycles of abuse and unhealthy beliefs.

Help educate a girl for life through child sponsorship. When you sponsor a girl, you help provide her and others with a chance to go to school, as well as other life-saving basics like nutritious food, clean water, medical care, spiritual nurture, and more.