Microenterprise offers dignity for a small business owner

By funding a loan through World Vision Micro, you can invest in the power of a hardworking entrepreneur, like Neguse.

Updated July 9, 2014 at 09:45am PDT

Dignity is priceless. But you can help provide exactly that by funding a small loan that a father or mother can use to open or expand his or her own business.

Fund a loan for an entrepreneur

Through World Vision Micro, you can fund a loan for an entrepreneur in need of support in countries like Bolivia, Mexico, the Philippines, Ghana, Kenya, Cambodia, and Ethiopia.

With a loan from you, an entrepreneur can start a carpentry shop, buy farm animals, expand a small restaurant, or hire more employees for his weaving venture. These businesses can create jobs to benefit the whole community.

Once the loan is repaid (the current repayment rate is 98 percent), your donation recycles over and over again to help an ever-growing number of entrepreneurs in the same country. Just one donation could help hundreds of people in the years to come.

How you can help

Fund a loan for an entrepreneur through World Vision Micro and give a hardworking entrepreneur the opportunity to move from dependence to financial self-sustainability.