FAQs: How we respond to disasters in the United States

Our domestic relief director explains World Vision’s response to the Oklahoma tornado disaster.

By Chris Huber, World Vision U.S.
Published May 21, 2013 at 12:00am PDT

As aid agencies nationwide respond to the massive destruction wrought in Oklahoma, World Vision is rushing critical relief supplies to families in need.

Rick Miltimore, domestic relief director, explains World Vision’s role in Oklahoma.

What is World Vision’s response to the tornado in Moore, Oklahoma?

We are currently in the relief phase, providing basic relief supplies. Our first truck will arrive in Moore on May 22.

This 53-foot semi truck has a mixture of core products, such as diapers, food, plates, cups, personal hygiene items, shoes, cleaning supplies, protective wear, and blankets.

After the relief phase, we’ll move into recovery phase, where we support partners — such as schools and churches — with essential items and school supplies.

Then, we will move into the rebuilding cycle, where we provide on-the-ground partners with building materials such as insulation, roofing, and faucets as they help families rebuild.

How will donations to relief efforts be used?

We purchase key supplies, such as hygiene products and cleaning supplies, and use critical funds to replenish the large quantity of pre-positioned supplies as they are deployed, such as blankets, cleaning supplies, and ready-to-eat-meals.

What is the next step to help in the disaster?

We will begin distributing supplies and doing assessments to determine the greatest needs. We are budgeting for a long and meaningful response. For example, we just wrapped up our core efforts in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, two weeks ago — more than two years after the storm.

How is World Vision’s response different from other organizations?

Our primary niche is supporting the local church and focusing on the most vulnerable populations. We find the communities that are often forgotten and don’t receive the mainstream attention.

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How you can help

Pray for Oklahoma children and families affected by this terrible tornado, especially those who have lost loved ones or whose homes have been destroyed.

Make a one-time donation to our U.S. Disaster Response Fund. Your gift will help position us to respond quickly and effectively to disasters that occur right here in the United States, like the recent tornadoes in North Texas and Oklahoma.

Or, make a $10 donation via your mobile phone. Text “Tornado” to 777444. (Messaging and data rates may apply.)