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In her 20 years of involvement in the entertainment and music industry, Jenny has worked closely with countless talented Christian artists. But nothing impresses her more than seeing ordinary people make a difference in the lives of children in need.

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Jenny Lockwald, executive director, events and broadcasts

Jenny Lockwald, executive director, events and broadcasts

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After getting her start in Christian radio marketing and promotions, Jenny worked in a variety of roles until eventually becoming vice president for Sparrow Records (now EMI).

While she enjoyed the music and entertainment field, she wearied of focusing on the business aspect of her job. She yearned for something more fulfilling. So when World Vision called and asked Jenny to head up their Artist Associates program, she jumped at the offer.

As executive director for the World Vision Artists program, Jenny and her team work in partnership with more than 400 artists to help encourage audience members to consider child sponsorship. In the past decade, these artists have helped connect more than 500,000 children with caring sponsors, leading to transformation at both the personal and community level.

Jenny is a natural fit for her job. She understands the unique and ever-changing dynamics of the music and entertainment business, and her experience helps her foster natural connections with people in the industry. And Jenny dreams big. Her goal is to continue expanding the program, and to include entertainers outside the arena of Christian music, such as country music artists.

In addition to overseeing the Artists Program, Jenny now also directs the sponsor engagement team, which includes Child Ambassadors — an exciting program that can equip any volunteer to become a personal advocate for sponsorship in his or her own community.

Jenny’s passion for helping children through sponsorship has been stoked by several trips to impoverished communities served by World Vision. On her first visit to Lesotho, Africa, she had the opportunity to meet one of her eight sponsored children and see the benefits of sponsorship firsthand. “It was amazing to see the depth of impact that sponsorship is having — how far-reaching it is beyond the sponsored child,” she shares. “Agriculture, clean water, microfinance projects…sponsoring a child impacts the whole community.”

Jenny came away from that experience with a challenge for herself: “What am I doing in my own life inwardly to glorify God and outwardly to impact others?” She cites Ruth 3:11 as a personal inspiration to do all she can and not let fear of failure get in her way. “When Boaz tells Ruth: ‘Fear not, my daughter, I will do for you all you ask,’ it’s like Christ talking to the church, to individuals like me,” Jenny explains. “It’s a promise that He is my strength.”

Jenny’s transparency and passion for honoring God and serving others make her a compelling speaker. She says that when she shares with an audience, her desire is to convey a message of hope. “I love to challenge people and encourage them to remember that no matter where they are, they can make a difference in their lives and in the lives of others,” she explains. And she asks them the same question she asks herself: “Are you leaving a legacy in the place where God has called you?”

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Jenny is available to speak about Child sponsorship. Contact the Speakers Bureau with any questions.