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Create Your Own Fundraiser

Love to bake, bike, read, bowl, or garden? Anything you are passionate about can be a fundraising opportunity!

Organize a bake sale or a read-a-thon; or, challenge yourself and your friends to a new biking or swimming distance — all while helping kids all around the world.

Whether you are interested in organizing a fundraising activity or have a unique partnership opportunity you would like to share with us, we embrace the opportunity to partner with you.

Share your idea today!

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Partner With Us!

Below you’ll find everything you need to know for customized partnership opportunities!

Check out our full list of fundraising opportunities and other ways to get involved, or learn more about our Gifts in Kind program if you have product to donate.

Partnership Guidelines

We take our commitment to those we serve very seriously. There are important guidelines that we follow when considering any proposal. They prohibit:

  • Opportunities that would compromise our Christian values and mission

  • Direct solicitation of our donors or sharing of their contact information

  • Affinity (Loyalty) programs

  • Promotion of specific products or services

  • Negative depictions of other organizations

Learn more about our logo use policy. And for more information on our partnership process, read our glossary of terms (.pdf).

Send Us a Proposal

Do you have your own idea for a partnership with World Vision? Tell us about it!

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Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about partering with World Vision.

Can I use your logo?

Yes, in certain situations. The law requires that the use of our name and logo fall under World Vision’s control and guidelines. If you are collecting money or hosting an event that will result in donations to World Vision feel free to use our name and logo!

Can I say that a portion of the proceeds of my event, product sales, promotional efforts, etc. go to World Vision?

No. This is a complicated and legally challenging area in fundraising. We ask our supporters to avoid making any such statements unless they are in full compliance with state and federal fundraising regulations.

That said, you are legally allowed, and more than welcome, to make a general statement that you are a supporter of World Vision. Or that, “a donation will be made to World Vision.”

Can I become a paid fundraiser for World Vision?

No. We do not pay our supporters to fundraise on our behalf.

Are there any exceptions to these restrictions?

Exceptions will be made only after extensive discussion and a contractual agreement with World Vision. This will ensure that you are complying with all applicable legislation.

These laws include regulations on commercial co-ventures, raising money via the Internet, paid solicitors, and professional fundraisers.

It is recommended that you have your own legal counsel if you are seeking an exception. Supporters lacking counsel have significant difficulty complying with these requirements. World Vision does not provide legal advice.