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Barack Obama

Since we've expanded and strengthened the White House faith-based initiative, we've partnered with Catholic Charities to help Americans who are struggling with poverty; worked with organizations like World Vision and American Jewish World Service and Islamic Relief to bring hope to those suffering around the world.

Patricia Heaton

I've found that a lot of people don't know about World Vision, and I'm so surprised, because they are really one of the best charitable organizations in the world, and your dollars are used so effectively when you send them to World Vision.

Hugh Jackman

[Deborra-Lee Furness] and I are proud to be ambassadors for World Vision. The Horn of Africa has been suffering from extreme drought ... World Vision is supporting long-term programs such as drought-tolerant crops, help for herders' animals, and assistance to families to diversify their income source so that drought doesn't leave them without an income.

Ban Ki-moon

As a partner of the United Nations, in many countries, World Vision has worked tirelessly to save lives, and bring hope through development assistance and emergency relief ... You have made significant contributions towards reducing child mortality, improving maternal health, and combating AIDS, malaria, and other diseases.

Dr. Raj Shah

We have had a uniquely strong relationship with World Vision for more than three decades, and we are proud of that history. Going forward, I think we would like to engage World Vision more as a strategic partner, in addition to supporting your effective operational activities that save lives and protect vulnerable people.

Josette Sheeran

We've been on the frontlines with World Vision throughout the world. They have stayed when the going gets tough and that means a lot because often the work we do is the last line of defense for the most vulnerable people in the world.

Max Lucado

World Vision is an army of kindness: living among the very people they help. They don’t present the gifts and leave. They administer the gifts and linger as good neighbors should. Part social worker, part Sunday School teacher, helping body and soul. I’ve never seen a group like this.

Karen Flessland

Often people ask me, "How do you know there's a real child there?" Well, that's easy for me to answer. I've met her!

Anne Hicks

World Vision’s program in particular isn’t just helping the child, but it’s really helping the entire community become sustainable. And I think that’s wonderful.

Pratumthip Malatui

I felt stressed, hopeless, and worried about my two sons’ education before World Vision came to my life…The piglet gives me hope; I can continue to send my boy to school. I think I can live and overcome all the struggles.

Alex Trebek

Thank you, World Vision . . . My family and I have been sponsors for many, many years. We have seen the way it not only changes a child's life, but entire communities as well. So I hope you'll join me today.

Nune Grigoryan

I cannot thank World Vision enough. We are all humbled to see what a difference the organization makes for families, how it helps us to tackle the daily issues that often seem a dead-end for us.

Brad Powell

As we seek to express Jesus love and truth around the world, we've found World Vision to be a terrific partner. They have the heart, experience, expertise, and scope to help break the destructive force of poverty that enslaves so many. Most importantly, they are committed to doing it in the name of Jesus and in partnership with the local church.