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The World Vision Magazine is an award-winning quarterly print publication that is mailed to about 500,000 people in the United States, mainly child sponsors and other supporters of World Vision.

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The Latest Issue

spring-mag-2016.pngSpring 2016: Leaf of Faith (.pdf)

Weathering the Storm: God calls us to work for a better world for children, one in which they can weather life’s storms surrounded by strong families, safe communities, and thriving nations. Child Sponsorship has been World Vision’s way to fight poverty for more than 60 years. 

Prayer: Praying with God’s Heart for the Poor

A Greater Plan: Thankful for her sponsor’s investment in her life, a former sponsored child from Bolivia now devotes her life to serving others.

Past Issues

Autumn 2015 World Vision magazine cover

Fall/Winter 2015: Light of Christ (.pdf)

Faith Set Free: For three generations, Armenians were severed from their treasured faith as the Soviet Union outlawed Christianity. Now young priests and Armenia’s youth are leading the way back to vibrant faith and renewed life in Christ.

How Firm a Foundation: 65 years ago, God laid the foundation for World Vision’s ministry into many of the world’s remote and impoverished communities. Today, that work reaches into nearly 100 countries — and it all started with one man’s vision.

Pray Around the World for Children: Pause and pray for child-focused requests provided by World Vision’s staff around the world.

Summer 2015 World Vision magazine cover

Summer 2015: Peru’s Shining Stars (.pdf)

Shining Their Own Light: The sky’s the limit for children in Huanta, Peru, where 19 years of child sponsorship and community development have helped families overcome a violent past.

Faithfulness Through the Decades: Every child sponsor has a distinctive story to tell, and here are seven of those stories–one for each decade of World Vision’s 65 years.

Bless the Children: Just as Jesus valued the special place children have in his kingdom, World Vision also is devoted to the well-being of all young people. Join us in praying God’s promises for the world’s most vulnerable children.

Cover for autumn issue

Spring 2015: Blessings Overflow: The effect of clean water across Africa (.pdf)

Stored There by God: In Zambia, God’s gift of clean water to rural communities is bringing health, opportunities, faith, and fullness of life.

Praise and Prayer: Praise God for his overflowing love that is supplying clean water to millions; pray that all communities will soon have clean water.

Digging for Buried Treasure: What World Vision began in 1985 in Ghana, today is a movement to provide disease-free water worldwide — because every child deserves clean water.

Cover for winter issue

Winter 2014: Bright Smiles, Big Dreams: God Calls a U.S. Church to Go Deep in Mozambique (.pdf)

Going the Distance: Seven years after a Minnesota church answered God’s call to help communities in rural Mozambique, deeply rooted transformation flourishes on both continents.

Playtime With Paolo: One man’s passion thrives amid harsh realities in Bolivia.

Perfect in Weakness: A young woman with a rare disease touches lives halfway around the world.

Running With Heart: Two unlikely athletes turn their dreams into reality.

Cover for autumn issue

Autumn 2014: Secure in His Arms: Grounded in God’s Love, Farming Families Thrive (.pdf)

Tapping Technology: Common tech tools bring new opportunity to isolated communities worldwide.

From Dependence to Dignity: In northern Tanzania lives a village of farmers and livestock breeders who used to keep one eye on their grazing animals and the other skyward — watching for rain. Today, they are focusing downward, feet planted firmly on rich soil, reworking their lives shovel by shovel.

Pray Through the Day: Knowing how to pray for young people in poverty isn’t always easy. Here’s a way you and your child can use daily activities to learn about and pray for children around the world.

Running With Heart: Two unlikely athletes turn their dreams into reality.

Cover for summer issue

Summer 2014: Coming Together: 20 Years Later: Rwanda's Miraculous Path to Healing (.pdf)

Healing Hearts: Rwanda 20 Years Later: In 1994, after an implosion of violence killed 800,000 people in 100 days, it would take a miracle to heal Rwanda.

Righting Wrongs for Romania’s Children: Twenty-five years ago, World Vision responded to Romania’s shocking orphan crisis with innovative solutions that transformed life for thousands of children.

Reflections and Remembrances: Former World Vision U.S. President Bob Seiple reflects on his experiences in leading the organization as it responded to the Rwanda and Romania crises.

Cover for spring issue

Spring 2014: Forlorn but not Forgotten: Caring for Children in Perilous Places (.pdf)

Crying for Their Country: Meet some of the Syrian children taking refuge from war in Jordan.

Children of the Brothel: In Jessore, Bangladesh, World Vision cares for the children of sex workers.

Hope in the Hard Places: Even in the world’s most difficult places, child sponsorship is the best way to help children.

Winter Cover for website.jpg

Winter 2013: God With Us: Christ's Love Reaches Out to Our Weary World (.pdf)

Tidings of Great Joy: Just as God chose lowly shepherds to participate in the Messiah's miraculous birth, he still appoints the humble and faithful to share his gift of love and hope with the world.

The Gift of Prayer: Embrace the privilege of communing with God on behalf of children around the world.

A Glimpse of God's Kingdom: The world is transformed as Christians embrace the Great Commandment and the Great Commission.


Autumn 2013: Power Surge: Sponsored Children Spark Change (.pdf)

Selvin at Their Service: Community development is often in adults’ hands. But in Honduras, one boy isn’t waiting to grow up to serve.

Young and Fearless: How young people are changing their communities in Uganda, Colombia, and India.

Empowering Youth Voices: Two youth from different sides of the world share their stories of empowerment.

Praying Dreams into Reality (.pdf): Lifting up children’s simple hopes for a better life.


Summer 2013: Taking the Next Step in God's Story (.pdf)

Unfinished Business: In an excerpt from his new book, Unfinished, World Vision U.S. President Rich Stearns challenges believers to find their place in God's plan.

Finish the Race: Much remains unfinished in God's kingdom. Learn how World Vision's Campaign For Every Child is poised to address the needs of 10 million people and save a generation of children.

Selling Out for Jesus: An Oregon family spiritually outgrows their dream home and finds new freedom in following God's call.

Called to Compassion: Vinh and Leisle Chung connect their history with the present-day suffering of exploited children in Cambodia.


Spring 2013: Fearfully and Wonderfully Made (.pdf)

God Made Me Feel Free: In the Dominican Republic, girls are reaching their God-given potential with the help of dedicated World Vision staff.

Walking with the World's Women: The odds are stacked against women and girls at every stage of life in many developing countries. Pray about the challenges they face.

Pride and Prejudice: Though South Africa is one of the continent's most developed nations, 5.6 million residents are HIV positive--including two women choosing to live fruitful lives despite the disease's stigma and shame.




Winter 2012: Gifts of Love Shine Through (.pdf)

Net Effect: A simple insecticide-treated net can save lives in malaria-prone Mozambique, so a man in Des Moines, Iowa, gave up birthday gifts to send more than 4,000 nets to children in need.

From Alabama With Love to India: Alabama children living in low-income housing began sponsoring one child--and now sponsor three children around the world.

Happy Harmony: A 7-year-old girl may be confined to a wheelchair, but her generosity in giving musical instruments and other gifts of hope to children around the world cannot be contained.


Autumn 2012: From the Shadows (.pdf)

Saving Savoeun: Relying on a different method than a flashing freeway sign, a Cambodian village triggers a successful "Amber Alert."

Protecting Children through Prayer: Lift up the needs of children around the world facing exploitation, hazards, and deprivation.

Fighting Gangs' Consuming Fire: El Salvador is reeling from gang warfare and high murder rates, but some youth are discovering another path to power—faith.


Summer 2012: A Reason to Smile (.pdf)

From Here to There: After providing community-wide sponsorship benefits for tribal people in northeast India for more than a decade, World Vision helps them chart a course for what's next.

Spiritual Safety Net: World Vision encourages spiritual nurture for sponsored children everywhere, even while respecting different spiritual traditions.

Confessions of a Sponsorship Skeptic: Rachel Held Evans had her doubts. But a trip to Bolivia turned this dubious blogger into an eager believer.


Spring 2012: Hunger and Heartache (.pdf)

Famine No More: The recent crisis in the Horn of Africa may suggest that fighting famine is futile. But better tools, heavier hitters, and the benefits of child sponsorship are saving lives.

Hunger 101: Wrap your brain around this enormous problem facing 925 million people worldwide. Learn how hunger affects children and where people are suffering most.


Winter 2011: Bounty of Blessing (.pdf)

More Than Meets the Eye: Photography makes poverty personal by bringing us close to human suffering. Let these images guide your prayers for people and communities around the world.

Raising Kids Who Care: A Texas couple offers seven tips for helping children develop compassion.

Alive and Multiplied: Pigs from World Vision's Gift Catalog help bring a Bolivian family back from the brink of tragedy.

World Vision Magazine

Autumn 2011: Touching Lives, Reflecting Christ (.pdf)

Bearing Witness in Bolivia: World Vision's mission has an eternal dimension.

An Investment to Last a Lifetime: Marilee Pierce Dunker discovers how her father, World Vision's founder Bob Pierce, inspired one of India's foremost Christian leaders.

A Network of Prayer: How sponsors from the United States pray for the children they support around the globe.

World Vision Magazine

Summer 2011: Forget Me Not (.pdf)

Long Road Ahead: More than a year after its deadly earthquake, Haiti faces multiple challenges to building a better future.

Still Suffering: Yesterday's international crises might fall off our radar, but what about those still living in the aftermath?

World Vision Magazine

Spring 2011: Brimming with Promise (.pdf)

In Sabina’s Shoes: Walking in the footsteps of a Kenyan woman whose life is dominated by the desperate need for water.

Muruny Miracle: How passion, persistence, professionalism, and prayer brought water to a valley community in Kenya, changing not just the landscape and lifestyle but the people.

World Vision Magazine

Winter 2010: Creating Joy (.pdf)

The Art of Childhood: To build a better world for children, we first need to understand their unique perspectives. Children’s art provides a key.

The Art of Participation: Children’s art challenges a West African community to change.

The Art of Healing: In Cambodia, art help girls overcome the nightmare of sex slavery.

World Vision Magazine

Autumn 2010: Holding Fast (pdf.)

In My Father's Footsteps: A journey to a tiny Chinese island yields fresh insight on the event that spurred World Vision's founding.

Past Meets Present: In Korea, where World Vision's work began, success in the South meets need in the North.

Max Lucado — Making a Difference: The future for children looks bright as the prominent Christian author leads a charge to change lives.

World Vision Magazine

Summer 2010: Loans Open Doors (.pdf)

Hope in the Heartbreak: Go inside World Vision's response to the Haiti earthquake — see the devastation in Port-au-Prince, read about inspiring people, and find out what's ahead for rebuilding this shattered country.

Taking Flight: In a Mexican state famous for migrating butterflies, microfinance and child sponsorship help families realize their dreams.

Treading New Ground: Through World Vision's Youth Empowerment Project, a young woman is becoming the change she longs for in her Seattle community.

World Vision Magazine Cover

Spring 2010: Great Expectations (.pdf)

Burundi Begins: When World Vision moves into a new community to start sponsorship, it can be a confusing process for parents and children. See how World Vision staff in Gasorwe, Burundi, connect with the community, sign children up for sponsorship, and how each child's information gets to you.

Sponsorship by the Numbers: This interactive map shows how sponsors from all 50 states are supporting children in 50 countries. Learn about the needs in each country and how your sponsorship is helping build a better world for children. View interactive map.

World Vision Magazine Cover

Winter 2009: In Ethiopia, Max Lucado Encounters Miracles in the Making (.pdf)

Max Lucado: Bestselling Christian author Max Lucado and World Vision U.S. President Rich Stearns reflect on their recent trip to Ethiopia.

Hannah's Hundreds: God gave 13-year-old Hannah Kosloski the gift of compassion. Even after the Minnesota teen's tragic death, she continues to inspire people to help children.

World Vision Magazine Cover

Autumn 2009: Safety Net: Sweet Dreams for Children Free of Malaria's Menace (.pdf)

Combating the Child Killers: Each year, 9.2 million children die before reaching age 5 - many from preventable conditions. See how World Vision works against the primary causes of child mortality in the developing world.

Taking Cover: Malaria is the second-leading cause of death for children in Africa. See how World Vision is leading the charge to protect children from this deadly disease.

World Vision Magazine Cover

Summer 2009: Haunted by Hunger (.pdf)

Five Days of Hunger: What does hunger really feel like? Watch as a World Vision writer and photographer briefly live with a family in drought-stricken Kenya.

Morulem: Then and Now: See how this Kenyan community has developed through 17 years of irrigation and sponsorship support.

Hunger to Harvest: Watch a sample community progress from dependence on food aid to sustainability.

World Vision Magazine Cover

Spring 2009: Small Things With Great Love (.pdf)

The Hole In Our Gospel: World Vision president Rich Stearns found what was missing in his faith — and realized that it might just change the world.

Pastoral Purpose: A former Buddhist monk in Cambodia now preaches in the name of Jesus.

A Gospel Without Holes: A Pennsylvania church revitalizes an AIDS-shattered community in Kenya.

Winter 2008: Lighting the Way (.pdf)

A Little Child Shall Lead Them: In formerly atheist Albania, World Vision helps the Orthodox Church educate youth.

Children's Prayers: World Vision-supported children open their hearts to God.

Prayers for Global Progress: Praise and petitions for achieving the Millennium Development Goals.

Autumn 2008: Comfort in Crisis (.pdf)

From the president: Ten years later — good news about AIDS.

The Lazarus effect: In AIDS-ravaged Zambia, people and communities are coming back to life.

Inspiration: Erasing stigma in churches

Pray: A simple prayer about the global AIDS crisis

Summer 2008: Inside a Sponsorship Community (.pdf)

From the president: Voting our values

Inside a sponsorship community: A photo feature takes you to Peru

Inspiration: A teachers journey from joy to grief

Spring 2008: Zimbabwe — Hunger Leaves a Long Shadow (.pdf)

From the president: Finding and fixing poverty's causes.

Why hope still reigns in Zimbabwe: Innovative approaches to agriculture help families cope with hardship.

Filling Haiti's "empty bags": Food programs promise a new future for undernourished children.

Inspiration: Living on more than "bread alone."

Winter 2007: Silent nightmare — Congo's Neglected Crisis (.pdf)

Congo: Portrait of a neglected crisis: Three stories of families striving for normal lives amid the turmoil.

Off the radar: Five forgotten crises:  Interactive Map — Learn more about these crises, which you probably haven't heard about.

The Price of peace:  Humanity’s inhumanity can only be overcome by agents of forgiveness and peace.

Autumn 2007: Focus on Forgotten Children (.pdf)

Upwardly mobile: Informal education programs lift Mongolian children out of freezing streets, filthy tunnels, and dangerous jobs.

What education means to me: Children around the world show and tell about their daily school routines.

Summer 2007: Hope Wells Up (.pdf)

Just add water: In much of West Africa, there is a simple solution to poverty.

Water in a child's life: Children have an inherent understanding of water’s significance.

Splashes: Snapshots of water’s impact

Spring 2007: The Grim Reality for Girls (.pdf)

Afghanistan: Battle-scarred courage: Women and girls hold the key to a war-torn country’s survival. This story won a 2007 Folio Award.

Against all odds: In India, women work to overcome the stigma of AIDS.

Gender matters: Three stories of girls’ suffering.

Winter 2006: High Spirits in Hard Times (pdf.)

Working in the world Jesus came to save: How the Christmas story inspires today’s ministry to the poor.

Disposessed in Darfur: Sanctuary for children in war-torn Sudan.

Ways to Pray in 2007: Using daily activities as reminders to pray.

Autumn 2006: Good News About AIDS (.pdf)

Children of hope:  How an AIDS-ravaged community in Uganda became transformed.

Caring is contageous: U.S. pastors take a journey of compassion to Africa.

Personal touch: Pastors visit Rwanda.

Fun and games: Uganda community thrives.

Summer 2006: Hungry Eyes: Pleading for a Chance at Life (.pdf)

Cutting hunger in half: In two African countries, World Vision battles to solve complex food emergencies.

Getting serious in the fight against poverty: What are the Millennium Development Goals, and what does World Vision have to do with them?

Frontlines: News from around the globe; an inspiring sponsor’s story; how World Vision helped an arson-affected church

Spring 2006: A Surge of Hope (.pdf)

Turning back the tide: Tsunami-shattered families and communities in Asia rebuild, rebound, and keep the faith.

Inside World Vision's emergency response: Who does what and when after a crisis?

News from the field: South Asia earthquake update; support for Katrina survivors; surfer Bethany Hamilton visits Thailand

Winter 2005: Helping and Healing: Children in Peril (.pdf)

Children of war: Children in northern Uganda flee their homes to avoid being forced to fight in a brutal civil war.

Dreaming and dying on Mexico’s streets: Children on the streets of Mexico City dream of a better life—one that, through World Vision, is within reach.

News from the field: Updates from hurricanes Katrina and Rita, and more; put yourself in the shoes of an HIV-positive person

Autumn 2005: At Home, at Risk, in Honduras (.pdf)

The Kiss of death: In Honduras, a deadly disease stalks the poor — in the guise of an unassuming beetle.

Tackling trachoma: An eye disease especially endemic in West Africa robs people of their sight.

Sickening ... heartening: Avoidable diseases kill millions of children under 5. World Vision is responding; you can help.

Summer 2005: From Famine to Fullness (.pdf)

Ethiopia: Twenty years later: World Vision arrived in Antsokia Valley during a famine 20 years ago.

Neglected crises: A round-up of lesser-known emergencies to which World Vision is responding.

News from the field: Updates from Indonesia, Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo, and more; 2004 financial highlights;

Spring 2005: From Famine to Fullness (.pdf)

Southern Asia disaster: Learn how and where World Vision is responding.

Cambodia: Children in crisis: Children living forced into the sex trade live in a waking nightmare.

News from the field: Updates on typhoons in the Philippines and locust infestation in Niger; World Vision’s report on the northern Uganda crisis; moreR

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World Vision Magazine, a quarterly publication, affirms people responding to God's call to care for the poor by providing information, inspiration, and opportunities for action, linking them with children and families in nearly 100 countries where World Vision works.

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