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Note: This is not intended to be a comprehensive list of all World Vision-related media clips ... just a recent sampling.

The Daily Journal  

These people ran for something bigger than glory
October 13, 2014

About 40 Olivet Nazarene University students ran the Chicago Half Marathon in September. Their goal was to raise money for people who need access to clean water. It takes $50 to give clean water to one person for life. So far, the group has raised $6 million, which gives nearly 120,000 people clean water.

Huffington Post Impact  

8 truths about violence against girls. Plus who's fighting it and what you can do
October 11, 2014

According to a World Vision study released last year, 13.5 million girls have been married before they turned 18. Girls who are subjected to early marriage are more likely to experience domestic violence, forced sexual relations, poor reproductive health, and lower levels of education. World Vision, a humanitarian organization that helps underserved kids lead fulfilling and healthy lives, is working to stem child marriage and educate girls.

USA Today  

Aid groups rally to fight Ebola in Africa
October 7, 2014

As the Ebola crisis intensifies in West Africa, aid groups such as World Vision are increasing their help to disease-stricken countries.

CNN World  

Ebola outbreak: Ways to help
September 26, 2014

Photo shows pallets of vital medical supplies being loaded aboard a jet bound for Sierra Leone, to assist caregivers. To help now: http://bit.ly/1BRrM3y.

The Christian Post  

World Vision leader to churches: Fixing poverty isn't simple, stop trying to fix it with 8th grade youth groups
September 16, 2014

World Vision President Richard Stearns spoke about the role of the church when it comes to poverty at the 2014 AEI Evangelical Leadership Summit on Sept. 10. Stearns recognized that the church does do good things in the name of helping those who are less fortunate, but it could do more to change the worldview regarding poor people and help its effectiveness.

King5 New Day Northwest  

Bob Rivers' new project: One City, One Cause, One Week (VIDEO)
September 15, 2014

Bob Rivers, former "Bob Rivers Show" producer Arik Korman, and World Vision's Kari Costanza discuss the launch of the "One City, One Cause, One Week" project. Their mission is to unite the power of Greater Seattle to raise $500,000 the week of 9/22 to fund a World Vision-constructed hospital and clinic in Zambia.

The Christian Post  

What to do when the world is a mess (Rich Stearns)
September 11, 2014

The headlines should be a daily reminder that evil and brokenness are as much with us today as they were in the Old Testament. We shouldn't expect that because someone invented a better smartphone we will be able to love our neighbors as ourselves. That's because evil is not merely a problem of the bad guys in our world. There certainly are bad guys in our world. But the evil in them is also in us.

NRB (National Religious Broadcasters)  

NRB members providing emergency relief to thousands fleeing violence in Iraq
September 4, 2014

According to World Vision’s emergency response team on the ground, thousands of families in the Kurdish region of northern Iraq are in desperate need of food, water, and medicine. The team says displaced families are seeking shelter in abandoned buildings, schools, and churches. Others have set up tents and are sleeping in the open.

KOMO News Radio (listen to MP3)  

Pastor visits northern Iraq (MP3 audio)
September 3, 2014

Tacoma Pastor Dean Curry witnesses the impact of genocide in Iraqi Kurdistan, and says World Vision has made a difference, but much more needs to be done to stop the genocide.

Relevant Magazine  

5 organizations helping the people of Iraq and Syria
September 3, 2014

World Vision is one of the world’s largest Christian humanitarian organizations, and is currently working to provide displaced Iraqis with food, water, sanitation, shelter and safety. World Vision currently has teams on the ground in Iraq, assisting religious minorities and those effected by the violence who were forced to flee their homes—often times, taking almost nothing with them.

The Des Moines Register  

Des Moines rabbi to run Ironman for interfaith cooperation
September 3, 2014

Rabbi A. Leib Bolel isn't just running an Ironman to test his physical endurance or to become an "Iron Rabbi." He's also participating in Sunday's event to raise money for a Christian charity organization and to encourage people of different faiths to help one another. Through his participation, Bolel will be raising funds for World Vision, a Christian charitable organization that wants to supply clean water to people in southern Zambia.

Relevant Magazine  

The dire situation facing the displaced in Iraq
August 27, 2014

These people are really traumatized by what has happened. People we’ve talked to started crying when they were asked what would they like to do next, or what would it be like to be free? So it is a very dire situation, and there is a need for long-term solutions. World Vision hopes to address those needs with our partners, but we need support from anyone who can provide some financial resources as well as prayer, because it’s a massive task.

Entrepreneur Magazine  

Support innovation: Buy gifts with true startup spirit this holiday season
August 26, 2014

For the humanitarian: Silver bracelet by World Vision, a nonprofit humanitarian organization that operates in almost 100 countries, in Federal Way, Wash., just outside of Seattle. The silver bracelet is made by primarily female artisans in Old Delhi, India.

The Christian Post  

Churches housing Muslim families fleeing violence in Iraq, says World Vision
August 22, 2014

While Iraq is struggling to cope with the severe humanitarian crisis that has seen close to 1.2 million people flee their homes on the run from terror group ISIS, Christian Churches are opening their doors and housing Muslim families in acts of generosity, Christian humanitarian group World Vision has said.

McClatchy News Service  

UN: Four countries face humanitarian crises, worst since WWII
August 22, 2014

With the crisis in Iraq, four countries are now experiencing severe humanitarian emergencies involving the displacement of millions of people, something experts and relief groups say hasn’t been seen in decades. "We are definitely stretched," said Chris Palusky, senior director of humanitarian and emergency affairs for World Vision USA, one of many organizations responding to all Level 3 emergencies and concentrates on providing food, water and shelter to children and women.

EWTN News Nightly  

Nathaniel Hurd discusses situation of Syrian refugees (VIDEO)
August 20, 2014

World Vision's Nathaniel Hurd shares photos and discusses the experience of children who are refugees from the conflict in Syria. Segment starts approximately 12 minutes in.


In Gaza, emotional wounds of war remain unhealed
August 18, 2014

Shahed's parents find comfort in their faith, saying every death is preordained and that they will meet their daughter in heaven. Still, Shahed's mother can't shake off her sadness. She cries when she holds Shahed's clothes or watches a video of her prancing in a white dress for her kindergarten graduation. Rojina said she tries to stay strong to avoid burdening her mother. On Saturday, Shahed's younger brother Mohammed and several cousins attended a playgroup with some three dozen neighborhood children put on by World Vision, an international Christian aid organization.


Watch Zambian children’s priceless reactions as they taste clean water for the first time
August 18, 2014

Water is the foundation of life. Without it, not just health, but education and economic development are lost. This is why World Vision’s Zambia Project has taken up a really fantastic endeavor: to bring clean water to rural Zambia and save children’s lives.

Parade Magazine  

Drifting toward hope — A Vietnamese refugee on what it means to be an American
August 9, 2014

In the summer of 1979 my family and I lay half-dead in a derelict fishing boat lost in the South China Sea. There were 83 other refugees aboard, all of us fleeing Vietnam, and after five days without food and water, some of the mothers began to consider the unthinkable: binding their babies’ arms with strips of cloth and slipping them into the sea.


World Vision not pulling aid workers out of Africa despite Ebola outbreak (VIDEO)
August 6, 2014

Federal Way-based World Vision says it will not pull aid workers out of West Africa despite the Ebola scare. KING 5's Chris Daniels talked to one of them who says he's still committed to helping people get through the crisis.

Huffington Post Religion  

Holy toledo! No clean water
August 4, 2014

It should be a big deal when an American city loses its water supply, even for a weekend. That's because water is a big deal. As they say in Africa, "Water is life." It should also be a big deal--deserving even more attention--when 3.4 million people die annually because of unclean water. Blog by Rich Stearns.


Faith leaders on kids at the border: Give us the children
August 4, 2014

We believe that our governments together with our relief agencies can find ways to address comprehensively the issues of widespread gang-violence, extreme poverty, corruption, and other root causes of the massive immigration of children and young families. We also call on our own Christian communities to do more to respond to the humanitarian crisis that is taking place all the way from the U.S. border to Central America. Blog by Rich Stearns.

CNN: The Lead with Jake Tapper  

Children in Gaza sponsored by Christian charity killed (VIDEO)
August 1, 2014

If you were a second grader in Gaza, you would already be living through your third war with Israel. So many children have unfairly shouldered the brunt of this bloodshed. It has been painful to see the pictures and read the stories of the young lives lost and entire families wiped out for those close to the victims, and for those who send their love and just a little more than a dollar a day from far away.


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